Rep. Tlaib uses expletives in push to impeach President Trump

Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan), the first Palestinian-American woman to be sworn into Congress, has come under heavy criticism over using expletives to push for impeachment.

“We’re gonna go in and impeach the mother f**ker!”

Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan) at a rally

President Trump responded when a reporter brought it up during a press conference, saying he didn’t think it was possible to impeach someone who was achieving so much.

“Well, you can’t impeach somebody that’s doing a great job. That’s the way I view it. I’ve probably done more in the first two years than any president, any administration, in the history of our country. You look at tax cuts, you look at regulations, you look at what we’ve done for the vets. You look at the rebuilding of the military, and the numbers that we’re talking about, and many other things. I can give you a list. It’s pages long. So I think that it’s very hard to impeach somebody who’s done a great job. “

US President Donald J. Trump, speaking at a press conference

The President also alluded to the day’s meetings with the Democratic leadership in an effort to sign a budget and end the shutdown. He said that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had assured him that he would not be impeached.

“We even talked about that today. I said, ”Why don’t you use this for impeachment?”. And Nancy [Pelosi] said, ”We’re not looking to impeach you”. I said, ”That’s good, Nancy”.

US President Donald J. Trump speaking at a press conference

Senior Republicans urged Pelosi to condemn Tlaib’s actions, but instead, Pelosi responded by saying that Tlaib’s impeachment comment was “nothing worse than the President has said”.

The situation could turn into a situation similar to the Gingrich-Clinton showdown, when President Clinton held out during a shutdown and waited until public opinion was in his favor, when Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich backed down and caved in to Clinton’s demands. It turned out to be a victory for Clinton and a disaster for Gingrich and the Republicans, all because they waited too long.

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