What are we about? LA Mundi News is devoted to bringing you the latest news and to give you deep and insightful political analysis.

Where are we based? LA Mundi News is based in Los Angeles, but we cover news from all over the world on a variety of topics.

Are we biased? No, we are not biased. However, we will have articles marked ‘Opinion’, which, as you can tell by the name, are opinionated. In summary, this is would be an article that brings the heat and passion of a debate right into your device.

Why were we established? The reason is that politics are becoming a more polarizing factor by the day, partly due to the present media coverage, and we believe that, if people are given unbiased coverage, we can help make the news a thing to look forward to knowing about.

Why is ‘Mundi’ in our name? ‘Mundi’ means ‘world’ in Latin.

Then why do we have ‘world’ in Latin in our name? Well, the fact is, knowledge of geography is on the decline, and besides, one of the primary focuses of this site is to cover international news.

Questions? Contact us at lamundinews@gmail.com