Political Dynasties Around the World

All around the world, political dynasties seem to be trending in the last few decades more than ever. Here’s a look at some of them.

Pierre and Justin Trudeau:

Pierre Trudeau was the 15th Prime Minister of Canada, serving from 1980-1984, while his son, Justin Trudeau, is the current Prime Minister of Canada. While Pierre Trudeau is regarded as one of the greatest Prime Ministers of Canada, Justin Trudeau is regarded as the anti-Harper (Stephen Harper was a conservative Prime Minister who presided over Canada during a time of increasing polarization amid a high rate of immigration). During his term, Trudeau’s (Justin) government increased the number of jobs available in Canada significantly and repealed most of Harper’s immigration laws.

Rafic and Saad Hariri:

Rafic and Saad Hariri have both been Prime Minister of Lebanon, with Saad being the current one. Rafic Hariri, Saad’s father, dominated post-civil war politics in Lebanon and is credited with reconstructing Lebanon’s capital Beirut, which was devastated by the civil war. Rafic was assassinated in 2005. Saad Hariri has been Prime Minister twice: from 2009-2011 and now (since 2016). He had originally resigned in 2017 but later rescinded it.

George H.W. and George W. Bush:

George H.W. Bush was the 41st US President and prior to that Vice President under Ronald Reagan and CIA Director. George H.W. (who passed away in 2018) only served one term in the midst of Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait (which he is credited with solving) and a worsening economy. Although he later lost the next election to Democrat Bill Clinton, they later formed a close friendship in spite of their political rivalry. Meanwhile, his son, George W. Bush, was also a US President (the 43rd) and the 46th Governor of Texas. He also presided over a foreign crisis with Iraq, but instead of following his father’s path of solving it with sanctions, missile strikes, and an international coalition, he utilized a different (and highly controversial) option and put US troops on the ground and invaded Iraq, which culminated with the execution of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. George W. also ended his term in the Great Recession, which was the worst economic recession in the US since the Great Depression. He left office in 2009. Both have expressed their disapproval with current US President Donald Trump, and even voted for his opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Jeb Bush, George W.’s brother, was the Governor of Florida and is a former candidate for president.

Bill and Hillary Clinton:

William ‘Bill’ Jefferson Clinton was the 42nd US President. As previously mentioned, he beat George H.W. Bush in the presidential election of 1992. He served until 2000, bringing the US into the 21st Century. His Vice President, Al Gore, lost to George W. Bush in a tense election decided by the Supreme Court. Clinton presided over a period of economic growth and left office with a billions of dollars in surplus. His wife, Hillary Clinton, was one of the senators from New York in Congress and later became Secretary of State under former President Barack Obama. She lost the Democratic Nomination for President in 2008 and then lost again in the general election in 2016 to current President Donald Trump. They both run the Clinton Foundation together, which is dedicated to providing humanitarian aid.

Jomo and Uhuru Kenyatta:

Jomo Kenyatta was the 1st President of Kenya. Jomo helped get rid of colonial occupiers but is also criticized for being authoritarian. Meanwhile, Uhuru Kenyatta won a highly disputed election in Kenya and is the 4th and current President of Kenya. Jomo’s daughter Margaret Kenyatta was mayor of Nairobi (Kenya’s capital) and was Kenya’s delegate to the United Nations.

It’s interesting that some countries have banned political dynasties, most notably in Indonesia. There are dozens more political dynasties but for the most part they are smaller (local representatives and such) or extinct (like the Adams political dynasty consisting of US Presidents John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams).

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