Your Week in Review

It’s the end of the week. Here’s your briefing.

  1. The gas company Chevron will buy Anadarko for $33 billion.
  2. According to a spokesman for the Sudanese army, military authorities will not extradite deposed President Omar al-Bashir but will try him in Khartoum. Al-Bashir’s Minister of Defense resigned just a day after he was deposed.
  3. The US state of Alabama was forced to delay an execution due to a stay of execution that refused to budge.
  4. Congressional Democrats have given the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) until April 23, 2019, to turn over President Trump’s tax returns. However, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin later announced that he would handle the disclosing of Trump’s tax records in place of the IRS Director. The whole chain of events started when a Congressional committee authorized its chairman to subpoena any of President Trump’s tax returns, which provoked a response from White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney where he pledged to never give up Trump’s tax returns.
  5. Reports of infant deaths have caused toy manufacturer Fisher-Price to recall 5 million Rock ‘n Play Sleepers.
  6. Now-infamous Attorney Michael Avenatti has been accused of stealing millions of dollars from clients, as well as tax evasion, bank fraud, and lying during bankruptcy proceedings.
  7. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was in the midst of an uphill reelection campaign at the time, promised to annex West Bank settlements if reelected. Polls showed him tied with his opponent, a former general, although many saw him in a better position to form a coalition government.
  8. A shooting in southern Dallas resulted in two people wounded. Meanwhile, a tornado in Northeastern Texas near Louisiana has killed three children, one five years old and another three years old. The death toll rose to six people after floods began accompanying the tornadoes.
  9. The US charged Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, which spurred a host of events which climaxed with Assange’s arrest in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, UK. Assange has pledged to fight his extradition to the US.
  10. New York City (under the leadership of Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio) declared a public health emergency amid massive measles outbreaks that are thought to have originated in the Hasidic Jewish community of Brooklyn, where a policy of mandatory vaccinations was instituted. In addition (although unrelated), more than 1,200 people were killed by measles in the African nation of Madagascar.
  11. Virginia won the men’s NCAA March Madness college basketball tournament, beating Texas Tech 85-77 in the final.
  12. Representative Eric Swalwell (D-California), a native Iowan, joined the oh-so-crowded field of Democratic candidates for the presidency.
  13. A deal between Major League Baseball and the Cuban Baseball Federation that would have allowed the MLB to sign Cuban players was struck down and declared illegal by the Trump administration.
  14. Secret Service Director Randolph Alles announced that he will be stepping down from his post in the Trump administration. Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, who replaced former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly as Secretary of Homeland Security when he left to work at the White House, now also declared her resignation.
  15. The Trump administration has declared Iran’s special operation’s unit, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a terrorist organization. Most experts agree that while the IRGC has been participating in terrorism, the declaration will only strain an already tense relationship between the US and Iran.
  16. Former US President Barack Obama‘s White House Counsel, Greg Craig, is expected to be charged with foreign lobbying violations because of the Mueller investigation.
  17. The European Union and the UK have agreed to delay an already behind-schedule Brexit until October 31, 2019.
  18. US President Donald Trump was discovered to have pressured a border enforcement officer to violate US law by turning back asylum seekers, which is illegal. He promised the officer a pardon if she went ahead with his request.
  19. American political consultant W. Samuel Patten was sentenced to probation as a result of his secretly shifting Ukrainian money to help pay for President Trump’s inauguration.
  20. Four Senate Republicans torpedoed President Trump’s plan to put Herman Cain on the Federal Reserve Board.
  21. Former petroleum and natural gas lobbyist David Bernhardt was confirmed as Secretary of the Interior, even though he was faced with a potential conflict of interest. On a similar issue, President Trump issued executive orders which made it harder for states to intervene in potentially environmentally damaging situations in order to quicken the construction of petroleum and natural gas pipelines.
  22. The President of Seychelles gave a speech underwater in a submersible, saying that more protection was needed for the “beating blue heart of our planet”.
  23. Senator Kamala Harris (D-California) became the most recent presidential candidate to release her tax returns. Keep in mind, the Republicans presumptive nominee, President Donald Trump, has not released his tax returns yet despite requests for it for the last three years.
  24. DNA tests have confirmed the death of ISIS-linked militant Owaida Marohombasar (also known as Abu Dar), who was in command of Islamic insurgents during a siege of a town in the Philippines, a predominantly Roman Catholic country.
  25. Ivanka Trump, the First Daughter, visited Ethiopia and Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) to promote a global “women at work” program.
  26. A Finnish parliamentary election is becoming dominated by the issue of climate change, as votes are tallied and races are ongoing into the eleventh hour (metaphorically). Early polls show the center-left Social Democratic Party in the lead.
  27. Former US Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic Nominee for president Hillary Clinton is thought to be eyeing a cabinet position in the next administration, saying “The current administration has an affinity for knocking down institutions” in an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria.
  28. A recent revelation about the American gun-rights group NRA (National Rifle Association) has surfaced where it was discovered that the NRA has been advising overseas gun-rights groups, including groups in Canada and Australia, where most guns have been illegal since the 1990’s.
  29. American golfer Tiger Woods has won his fifteenth major title.
  30. According to the Associated Press, President Trump’s reelection campaign has raised $30 million in the past three months, which is more than any single Democratic candidate.

On Sunday, Christians around the world will celebrate Palm Sunday.

This week is over. This “Week in Review” will no longer be updated.


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