Your Sunday Briefing

Good morning. Here’s today’s briefing.

  1. US President Donald Trump proposed a deal to end the government shutdown (late Saturday), which would maintain his demands for wall funding but also let the ‘Dreamers’ stay for a longer duration. Trump was later angered when Democrats rejected the deal.
  2. Newly elected Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) sided with his party when asked about the shutdown, and questioned Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-California).
  3. In Zimbabwe, the harsh crackdown continues, amid growing tensions and polarization. The crackdown was started when rioters torched a government office in protest against fuel costs. According to local rights groups, a dozen people have been killed by security forces and more have been beaten.
  4. The Los Angeles teacher’s strike is ongoing, while in Denver, Colorado, there is a similar situation.
  5. 2 people have been killed in a fire at a French ski resort, along with at least 22 injured.
  6. Facebook is fighting back against fake news by removing approximately 500 pages of disinformation.
  7. While New York continues to endure the worst measles outbreak in decades, 19 people have come down with the disease in Washington (state).
  8. The number of flu outbreaks in the UK has doubled in the past week.
  9. The Los Angeles Rams beat the New Orleans Saints at the NFC championship game and will advance to the Super Bowl where they will face the New England Patriots.
  10. Watch out for the lunar eclipse.

YThis day is over. This briefing will no longer be updated..

Today’s town to explore (at least virtually if you’re not in Romania) is Pitești, Romania.


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