Your Saturday Briefing

Good evening. Here’s today’s briefing.

  1. The shutdown of the US Federal Government continues on to ending the fourth week of the shutdown.
  2. US President Donald Trump will reportedly propose a compromise that will maintain his $5.7 billion in funding for the wall (although experts have repeatedly said that the wall could cost as much as $90 billion, and that $5 billion wouldn’t even be enough for the foundation). However, according to sources, Trump will also give in to Democrats and allow ‘Dreamers to stay.
  3. The teacher’s strike in Los Angeles is ongoing.
  4. Zimbabwe has blocked Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter in the midst of a crackdown following riots that resulted in the torching of a government office.
  5. The African Union continues to urge the Democratic Republic of Congo to postpone the announcement of election results. If the election is completed, it will mark the first peaceful transfer of power in the nation in decades.
  6. Disney plans to create a streaming service similar to Netflix. These rumors aren’t new, but sources say we might get a look at the potential Disney+ in April.
  7. The Armenian community in Jerusalem is celebrating Christmas today.

This day is over. This briefing will no longer be updated.


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