Los Angeles teachers’ strike is ongoing

A teachers’ strike organized by United Teachers Los Angeles has 30,000 teachers participating.

In response, the Los Angeles Unified School District Board has prepared to bring in highly paid substitutes. They are already supervising in large spaces such as auditoriums, and background checks have been eased for parent volunteers.

Contracts were signed with five agencies, in total amounting to $3 million, for substitutes for all union members. They are also using online instruction to try to provide education.

“We have a duty to provide an education to our students, and we will take appropriate measures to do so.”

Spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Unified School District

United Teachers Los Angeles had expressed prior to the strike that it would fight LAUSD on the outside hiring of temporary positions, and they would fight for substitutes as well, according to a statement.

They are also fighting for more nurses in Los Angeles public schools and more funding for classroom supplies.

As to how long the teachers’ strike will last, nobody is willing to give a straight answer, although talks resumed on Saturday (January 19, 2019).



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