How Candidates Kick-Off their Campaigns

The moment when you announce your candidacy for the Presidency of the United States is a big moment for everyone. That’s why LA Mundi News has compiled a list of the candidates’ opening remarks.

Senator Kamala Harris (D-California):

“The future of our country depends on you and millions of others our voices to fight for our American values. That’s why I’m running for President of the United States.”

Senator Kamala Harris (D-California) during interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America”

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts):

“America’s middle-class is under attack. How did we get here? Billionaires and big corporations decided they wanted more of the pie. And they enlisted politicians to cut them a bigger slice.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) in video emailed to supporters

Senator Warren officially announced her candidacy on New Year’s Eve, but she emailed this video to supporters beforehand. She closed the video like this:

“If we organize together, if we fight together, if we persist together, we can win. We can and we will.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) in video emailed to supporters

Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and former Mayor of San Antonio Julian Castro:

“When my grandmother got here almost a hundred years ago, I’m sure that she never could have imagined that just two generations later, one of her grandsons would be serving as a member of Congress and the other would be standing with you today with these words: I am a candidate for President of the United States of America”.

Julian Castro at his opening rally in San Antonio.

Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii):

“I have decided to run and will be making a formal announcement within the next week”.

Tulsi Gabbard on CNN’s ”The Van Jones Show”

Former Congressman John Delaney announced his run in a Washington Post editorial, while President Donald Trump announced his run in an interview with the Washington Post.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York) announced her run on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”.

“I’m going to run for President of the United States, because as a young mom I am going to fight for other people’s kids as hard as I fight for my own, which is why I believe healthcare is a right and not a privilege”.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York)

Whichever of these candidates clinches their own individual party’s nomination or even the general election, we will be able to pinpoint the beginning of the journey as when the candidate first spoke these words.

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